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Gaithersburg, MD

My Resume
(Feb 2016)
  • Inventor
  • Enterprise
  • Mobile
  • Web
  • Embedded
  • Audio
  • Graphics

  • iOS
  • OS X
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian

  • LAMP
  • FileMaker
  • http
  • XML
  • PHP
  • Python
  • PERL
  • JavaScript
  • AJAX
  • SQLite
  • C
  • Objective C
  • C++
  • Swift

  • OpenCV
  • Cocos2d
  • SpriteKit
  • Git

Published Apps:

Japanese Tiles
  • iOS
  • 2d games
  • spriteKit
  • cocos2D
  • illustration
  • metrics
  • banner ads
  • core data
  • back end dev
  • multi thread
  • animation
  • international
Floating Market

Keny Ruyter

February 17, 2016

Thanks for visiting my site! I am glad you are interested in who I am and what I do. Here is a basic summary of my current projects and contributions to the world.

Language Learning Software

I founded a company called Art Of Communication, Inc., in 2014. The company develops language-learning software for mobile devices, which teach the spelling of a given language. The objective of the company is to give people a better understanding of a language by strengthening foundational skills. I have brought three products to market, which are available for immediate purchase and download on the iOS app store.

Enterprise Software

I also develop enterprise software for business. Currently, I am contracting with a subsidy of Fitzgerald Auto Mall where I have created operations software that maximizes the efficiency of the businesses product. The web-based platform, which I developed, uses a LAMP architecture, is in production and is a great success. I also have a project running with a different client where I am developing their operations database using FileMaker and FileMaker Server, an OSX relational database application.

Embedded Linux systems

Another product I am developing has to do with Doctors, and how they present their material to large groups of people. The product uses an embedded Linux architecture, a technology called computer vision (openCV) and augmented reality. (AR) I am not at liberty to disclose details currently but it is another work in progress.

Audio Engineering

By trade, I am also an accomplished audio engineer. I can be found building audio systems at corporate events, operating the latest sound boards and equipment. I work on many different systems and events, for instance in 2015, I worked jobs with pop artist Bruno Mars at the White House (USO) on the fourth of July, or when The Pope visited (MSI) and spoke from The United States Capitol, and vibration testing (DFAT) for the next aerospace products intended for low earth orbit and beyond.

Vision Therapy System

Recently, I invented a hardware device that works in tandem with tablet software to improve the lives of concussion victims and other people with vision related disorders, a product that opens up a brand new market in the field of Optometry. A patent application was filed for this technology and some demonstration apps were developed using the apparatus.

Art and Music

Artistically, I am a lifelong Musician. In my past I’ve taught music, produced bands, and owned a recording studio. I continue to develop artistically within music, and additionally, have begun to develop a new visual outlet for my artistic abilities using computer graphics and large format printouts. I plan to complete and display a show’s worth of material with this new format this year.

Product Spotlight: Enterprise Solutions

One of my clients is a subsidy of Fitzgerald Auto Mall, a rather large auto dealership in DC who is expanding their brand into other markets. In order to maximize scalability, the company has allocated an existing business, where I have the privilege to build the operations software that guarantees the businesses’ product consistency, while maximizing the company’s efficiency. The software also provides metrics for future analysis.


For this project, I have collaborated with the Manager of the Business, and several of the employees to get a complete understanding of operations, and the needs of the company. Then I collaborated with a liaison to ensure that the user experience was satisfying in all of the roles that interact with the application.

The software has a bug reporting system in place that tracks the entire development process, including the hours worked on developing the product. Additionally, a suite of documentation software is maintained in order to adequately train future employees the processes and requirements of the company.

Because the product required rapid deployment, I chose an established web development platform. The program uses a remotely hosted server to store and analyze data, while the employees interact through a standard web browser. The computer languages and technologies used are PHP, Python, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS, and MySQL. The software tracks jobs as they proceed through their process, assigning employees to specific jobs. In the future, the product will manage several locations of the business and provide centralized metrics that will allow the analysis of trends from data streams.

Technical Spotlight: Mobile Development

I am an accomplished iOS developer, with end-to-end experience. I maintain three universal iOS products; I began developing for Apple products during iOS 7, and frequently update my apps for the latest operating system.

The projects I have brought forth targeting Apple Products utilize game engines proficiently, and demonstrate excellent graphics and illustration management. I have implemented both Sprite Kit and Cocos2d frameworks using Objective C. The user interfaces are intuitive and very smooth running.

Roar. Tiger Pic.

The apps have contained various Marketing and Analytics frameworks, e.g. RTB Banner Ads and In-App Purchase. They monitor metrics using Commercial Frameworks as well as my own, privately hosted, metric allocation routines.

Data comes from either the user, a built in database, or from a server depending on the type of operation. It flows from source to destination with efficient processes. To manage data, I implemented various libraries and techniques, e.g. core data, xml parser, http request method, and multi threaded processes. The products I made also use several back end technologies with *nix to manage their data. Some of the server-hosted routines were written using PHP, SQLite, and hosted on production servers elsewhere.

Additionally, the apps use animations, delegates, and message sending methods, view controllers, views, and everything else that is necessary to bring an app to market.

If you are interested in seeing some of my code, I have some repositories viewable on Github, of which a Scrolling Window class for Sprite Kit, complete with Objective C and Swift ports.

My new range of products expands upon this by developing for multiple platforms simultaneously, while redesigning the products from the core in order to be scalable. The core graphics engine is now being written with LibGDX and C++. From there, ports of the core will apply to iOS, Android, and other platforms in order to widen the customer base for new products.

Embedded Linux

I have had a perpetual interest in electronics and systems that interface computer programming with them. I am in the process of developing my own design of a database-driven event notification system. It uses an embedded Debian OS variant called Raspbian, and drives hardware events using The Raspberry Pi, and the supplemented hardware.

I am also using other hardware and variants of Linux for other products, which require a different set of hardware capabilities.

There are many uses for such a notification system, being able to customize it to any detail gives me the ability to interface this system along with other enterprise software projects, creating many solutions for up and coming small and large businesses alike.

The Fitzgerald enterprise application described above will be the first rollout of the new program, and will provide a hardware notification option, which will streamline the businesses operations even further.

To understand the scalability of the program, consider the use case of operations on a farm. They need to be automated in order to minimize laborious tasks. Consider applying this technology to a farm of rice paddies in a third world country, where regulating the amount of water in a given area is essential to having a successful growing season, especially during drought or flood conditions.

iOS in Production

screen520x924 Floating Market was my first iOS app release. It took me a year to develop. It teaches the learner 1000 words in Thai, along with about 30 articles on how the language works and related cultural links. I applied the core data framework to house the data and used the cocos2D graphics engine to create the scenes and animation. All the graphics were drawn with a Wacom bamboo tablet using illustrator. I used Texture Packer to create the texture atlases and managed to get the program running very efficiently by tweaking the performance using Instruments. The app also had a metrics implementation so I could track downloads and user actions from my own server.

1200x628FacebookGeneral Thailes was my second iOS app release. Version two of this app was rewritten from the ground up to include some great language learning tools. While Floating Market was focused on learning to spell words, Thailes teaches you the basics of speaking the language by breaking down vowels, tone marks and consonant classes into edible chunks aimed at teaching Thai Nationals as well as Foreigners to Thailand alike, to speak the sounds of Thai. It was built using the spriteKit framework, and features in-app purchases to expand the functionality of the game.

The first version integrated interstitial iAd's.

twitterpromotedtweet Japanese Tiles is my third iOS app release. The second version of this app will feature the entire hiragana set, and teach you the basics of reading Japanese. I implemented moPub real time bidding banner advertising, integrating with several advertising networks. It also integrates flurry metrics for tracking user session length and retention. The app utilizes spriteKit framework, internationalization, MVC, responds to rotation, in app purchase, not many stones left uncovered here.

Here's the AOC mission statement:

Most language learning schemes focus on either repetition of common phrases, or take a broad-spectrum learning approach. This leaves core weaknesses that could become strengths, particularly in areas of reading, writing, and spelling. Our fun, unique, and interactive tools are suited to people learning a foreign language, who need to address weaknesses in their foundational skills. The tools we deliver provide the learner with essential foundation skills for reading, writing, and spelling scripted languages.

Please contact me if you have a project you think that would fit in my portfolio, or if you can envision some way that would be of mutual benefit to us. I am interested in full time work, temporary work, independent contracting, co founding, consulting, business opportunities, or otherwise being helpful to people involved in the field of software development.

Keny Ruyter